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        A story of 56 years ago...


        Lavawa starts its journey back in 1965, the time when Texas-born Mr. Richard Douglas fell in love with a girl from Jamaica─Ms. Femi Wilson, who became Mrs. Douglas in the next year. At that time, Mr. Richard Douglas showed a passion and talent for handbag craftsmanship. Encouraged by Mrs. Douglas, Mr. Richard Douglas devoted to the dream and strove to distinguish himself as an influential handbag artisan in Texas after six years of effort. Mr. Richard Douglas's everyday life was all about designing and handcrafting for his customers and nothing special happened until one day in 1979 before Christmas. A single mother with a 7-year-old girl just moved in next door to them on a freezing and snowy night. Christmas was around the corner, but the burden was too heavy for her to prepare a gift for her daughter. Knowing her difficulties, Mr. Richard Douglas designed and made a backpack for the girl and a purse for her. These warm and surprising gifts got a struggling single mom through the most difficult time and lighted up their Christmas Eve.



        From that time on, Mr. Richard Douglas persisted in helping those in need with part of his income every year. Meanwhile, to get more inspiration, Mr. Richard Douglas's workshop attracted partners from various backgrounds that breathed new life into the traditional designs. Inch by inch, his workshop got more and more popular because of the time-tested craftsmanship, long-lasting quality, mindful designs, and additionally, his warm and kind heart.


        Nowadays, their granddaughter Ms. Jade Douglas decides to heritage her grandpa's craftsmanship and spirits, which are the core of Lavawa. 


        “Lasting”, “Various”, “Warm”


        Lavawa derives from three profound words which are the essence of Mr. Richard Douglas' spirits. “LA” derives from “lasting”, “VA” from “various”, and “WA” from “warm”. In order to preserve the principles that it was founded upon, Lavawa has made great efforts.


        Exquisite craftsmanship and preeminent quality are the backbones of Lavawa, except for which, Lavawa also pays utmost attention to sustainable development. We pursue and continue our dream of creativity and a more environmentally friendly approach to handbag production. To achieve the goal, we set up a wastewater collection system to prevent pollution and products are produced according to our professional order system that contributes towards a more energy-efficient manufacturing solution. We are proud that nearly zero product waste and wastewater occur. 


        At the same time, Lavawa embraces diverse talented partners from anywhere in the world. Design director Ms. Amor from Texas, logistics director Mr. Jacobs from South Africa, and finance director Ms. Hilton from Singapore are all Lavawa family's indispensable, treasured, and solid members. 



        The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. Lavawa always remembers to give back to society like Mr. Richard Douglas. 60% of Lavawa's craftsmen are from single-parent or difficult families, we also prioritize the long-term unemployed in our hiring practices to take care of the disadvantaged and ease the unemployment problem of America. Our pace will never stop helping those around us to make a difference in their lives.


        For those who are not afraid to express it


        In 2021, Ms. Jade Douglas launched the online shop (, making sure customers have everything they need at their fingertips. Lavawa is what an authentic vintage-style store looks like. You don't have to spend a lot of time searching for your favorite designs in different shops, we will be your complete retro wardrobe for any occasion, mood, and style. From statement handbags to wow-worthy finishing touches, we've got you covered from head to toe to take you up a notch easily and unleash your retro side whether you're attending a 1920's themed birthday party or traveling out of your city.



        Lavawa's products could be cool, elegant, stylish, casual, and most importantly, vintage and classic. All of them are originally designed with patent protection by our designers and handcrafted by artisans. From the ancient-inspired lining to the delicate embellishments, every little detail in these creations unveils a part of their sheer commitment. Handcrafted with exceptional care, they are best described as art objects. These ever-evolving creations are for women who dare to be different and are not afraid to express it! But it is also for those who are sensitive and delicate, ethereal and eternal dreamers. Their combination is what Lavawa is all about.


        Right at this moment, just explore more possibilities of yourself together with Lavawa.